House Rules

Bodile-copyIt is your responsibility to keep your child's registration records and phone numbers up to date at all times.
You must inform us:
1. When your child will be picked up by someone
we do not know.
2. If your child has a contagious disease.
3. Your vacation days.

IMG_7488All children should have their vaccination program up to date.
When your child is sick or has an infection of any kind, he or she must stay home to prevent contamination of the other children.
Your child should be dressed in comfortable clothes that are easy to dress. No belts, little buttons etc.
Shoes should be the right size and sturdy. Please no slippers or high heels.
Children play and get dirty sometimes, please keep this in mind when you pick out the clothes.
Children should not bring to school their own toys or valuables of any kind. We always take good care of your belongings but we are never responsible for any lost or broken items.
If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or remarks
we would like to hear them. Email, call or stop by anytime.

Contact us

  • Tel: (1-721) 544 2104
  • Cell: (1-721) 520 1701
  • Fax: (1-721) 544 5533
  • Address:
    Washington St #2, Cole Bay
    St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Unity Foundation

The Country St.Maarten and their people have long been aware of the importance of education for the future. That is why Franchesca Arrindell created 'The Unity Foundation'. The Foundation was established to improve:
  1. Educational outcomes for students in the Country St.Maarten
  2. Provide additional resources for youth
  3. Ensure technological advances in our schools